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Churches are non-profit organizations. As such, the parish depends on donations to fund the church's operations, including paying salaries, utilities, and other bills. Most of those donations come from the members of the church. You may give a one time donation, and please prayerfully consider donating to Emmanuel by committing to a pledge.  Pledges allow our financial team to plan how to spend our resources to ensure the continuation of high quality worship and fellowship.


Church Account: Fondation de la Chapelle d'Emmanuel, Banque Cantonal de Genève, 1211 Genève 2

IBAN: CH93 0078 8000 0506 1287 7  – CHF account

IBAN: CH39 0078 8000 0507 1017 0  – EUR account

BIC/SWIFT: BCGECHGGXXX  (for both accounts)

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