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Listening and hearing - it's the answer to the search

Help us find our new Bishop. Please come to a listening session which will be held on Sunday, 17 December, beginning around 12:30 in the Grande Salle. At this gathering you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts about your congregation and the Convocation, and your hopes for the future. A summary of the discussions held all over the Convocation will be used by the committee to write the Convocation profile, the document that candidates will receive to help them discern if they are called to be our next Bishop.

In addition, you will soon be receiving a 16-question electronic survey that will give more information to the committee, both for the profile and for its deliberations as the process of discernment unfolds. (A printed version of the survey will also be available during the discussion on the 17th.)

As you reflect on and respond to the questions posed in the listening session and through the survey the committee hopes that you will learn and understand something more about yourself, your church community, and the Convocation and will commit to continuing with all of us on our collective discernment journey, open to the movement of the Holy Spirit calling.

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