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Canon Michael's Welcome Song!

Canon Michael was regaled with a fabulous rendition of "Michael row(ed) (his) boat ashore" by the talented, warm, and ok...slightly wacky bunch of congregants at Emmanuel Church. If you missed it, this is a must watch!

Emmanuel hospitality volunteers hosted a packed-house of welcomers with a potluck feast proudly representing our diversity and enthusiasm for our new rector!

We're sure that whether you were with us last Sunday, or you missed it, you would have joined us in the lyrics, "We all hope he likes this place! Hallelujha!"

Full lyrics below, written by Kathleen, and sung by Kathleen and Shannon with Shauna at the keyboard.

Michael’s rowed his boat ashore . . . Halleluia!

He’s the one we’ve waited for . . . Halleluia!

Though he’s got some shoes to fill . . . Halleluia!

We feel hopeful that he will . . . Halleluia!

Sure now change will do us good . . . Halleluia!

But not too much, he’s understood . . . Halleluia!

We all hope he’ll like this place . . . Halleluia!

Keep that smile upon his face . . . Halleluia!

Now it’s time to end his song . . . Halleluia!

We’ve been singing far too long . . . Halleluia!

Now it’s over, not to fear . . . Halleluia!

Michael, we’re so glad you’re here . . . Halleluia!

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