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Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Geneva, Switzerland, is seeking a new Director of Music.


Based in the heart of the French-speaking city of Geneva, our congregation’s primary language is English but our community is international, reflecting many different linguistic, cultural and faith backgrounds. We seek a Director of Music who can not only help us continue to develop our music ministry, but who can engage in the musical life of Geneva, thereby bringing new musicians to our church.


Music (particularly choral music) plays a critical role in the worship experience of our parishioners, who are accustomed to a musical repertoire consisting of a mix of traditional and contemporary hymns and sacred music, along with Spirituals and African music. We currently have two choirs: one that is largely a traditional Episcopal / Anglican choir, and an African Singing Group. However, there are many members of our congregation who are eager to participate more fully in the musical life of our church. We hope to find a new Director of Music who can make this possible by engaging more people, especially younger parishioners, in actively participating in the musical life of Emmanuel, most especially in the choirs. Our choirs are fortunate to be supported by a magnificent organ, which plays a central role in our musical ministry.


The ideal candidate for this position is a musician who is not only an experienced choral director, a talented congregational music leader, and a skilled organist and pianist, but also a committed liturgical partner for our Rector and Deacon. Through this partnership, we hope to continue to use music to support our congregation’s worship, draw others to the church, and honor God.


If you have the musical skills, energy, creativity and spiritual commitment we seek, we hope you will apply for this position. Details concerning the application procedure, the responsibilities of the position, and the characteristics we are looking for are included below.


Please note: It will be necessary to establish that you have the right to work in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland. The job offered is for 18 hours a week so this will have to be supplemented in other ways.


POSITION TITLE: Director of Music


AVAILABILITY: As soon as possible; start date to be negotiated


REPORTS TO: The Rector


WORK SCHEDULE: 18 hours per week


SALARY:  From CHF 33,000 per annum, to be determined in relation to applicant’s experience; possibilities of additional remuneration for special services, weddings, funerals, etc. 


VACATION: Paid leave for four weeks, to be scheduled in consultation with the Rector. Additional personal leave may be taken with the Rector’s agreement.


APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Please email a cover letter, CV, the names and contact details of two references, and evidence of your right to work in the Canton of Geneva Switzerland (e.g. Swiss passport, Swiss work permit) to the no later than 31 May 2024. Interviews will be held in person in Geneva in either May or June. 


1.    Provide music at all worship services requiring music

A.    The Director of Music provides music each Sunday for the main worship services, and Principal Feasts  (e.g., Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, etc.) including service music, congregational hymns, choir anthem, and short preludes and postludes. There is a possibility of a Francophone Service being introduced once a month on a Saturday evening and the Director of Music would be expected to play at this. The church has an organ and an electric piano. There is a grand piano in the upstairs Grande Salle. 


2.    Coordinate the music program, in conjunction with the Rector

A.    Participates in weekly meetings with the Rector to plan the music and in regular meetings with the Deacon and other staff.

B.    Selects service music and hymns, as well as choral and instrumental pieces, for worship services in consultation with the Rector. This music is typically drawn from a variety of traditions, although it is primarily focused on music suitable to the Episcopal tradition and the diverse culture of Emmanuel Episcopal Church.

C.    Coordinates instrumental music, with potential guest musicians, to support the ministry, as appropriate.

D.    Participates in determining annual music budget (currently CHF 500) and its use.

E.    Establishes objectives annually for music program in coordination with larger vision of the church and presents a report at the Annual General Meeting.

F.    Administers and cares for music library, instruments, and other materials related to the music program.

G.    Administers all matters related to music copyright.

H.    Participates in Anglican music initiatives in Switzerland and in Royal College of Church Music activities.

I.    Ensures transcription of hymns from other hymnals to conform to the Episcopal preference of the words being directly below the music.

3. Lead and Develop the Choir

A.    Manages the choir. Directs the choir in rehearsal and worship services. Promotes growth and stability of choir. 

B.    Supports the African Singing Group as needed or requested.

C.    Works to develop music skills of both choirs and congregation through rehearsals, coaching, periodic workshops, etc. Actively works to encourage congregation members to participate in the music ministry of the church. 

D.    Finds creative ways to introduce and teach new hymns to the choir and congregation that are in keeping with the Episcopal/Anglican tradition.


4. Develop and Expand the Music Program


A.    Works to promote congregational singing, in hymns, responses, etc.

B.    Works to include children and youth in music program, e.g. by launching children and youth choirs.

C.    Participates in planning, organizing, and promoting events geared toward encouraging greater participation in our musical ministry, ideally from both existing members and potential members in the wider Geneva community.




We seek a professional organist/musician who possesses the following qualities: 

-    A keen interest/commitment to our faith tradition and a willingness to engage with our Episcopal liturgy

-    Extensive experience of choir direction

-    Commitment to the church’s ministry, using music to support a meaningful worship experience 

-    High level of written and spoken English (or willingness to acquire it)

-    Excellent communication skills

-    Ability to work within a team

-    Willingness to work with congregation to facilitate greater participation, e.g., by arranging periodic workshops to help people sing and follow music, or by teaching the congregation new songs

-    Excellent organizational skills

-    Vision for growth

Highly Desired


-    Knowledge of or willingness to acquire a good level of written and spoken French.

-    Experience developing and leading a children’s choir, or willingness to do so.

-    Openness to using the full range of Episcopal hymn books (e.g., 1982 Hymnal; Lift Every Voice and Sing; and Wonder, Love and Praise).

-    Experience with fundraising and/or willingness to engage with the community for fundraising purposes.


If you would like to discuss this post, please contact the Rector, the Rev. Michael Rusk, by email:

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