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Wandering Home

The Youth Across Europe Anniversary Event was a success, and our pilgrims have returned from their journey from Canterbury, England to Paris, France and are now safely installed back in their comfortable beds in the Geneva area. Enjoy this wonderful poem by Torsten Bartsch who accompanied the youth on their pilgrimage.

Youth Across Europe

Pilgrimage Poem

Thanks for the Way of Wanders and of pain

that we were walking these past days

YOU have been with us night and day

in o so many ways.

We walked through gentle fields and some steep hills

The airs and bushes gave us just a gentle touch

YOU gave us moments of spiritual chills in fields of beauty

and of greenery so lush

We walked on grass, on pavement and on stones, with blisters and with aches in our back

We sang and cried of pain and joy

But with YOUR and the acorns help we always stayed on our track

We longed for showers and a quiet bed

Yet YOU brought us fellowship and love instead

O GOD what magic you do bring

to our heart

Today our life embraces a new start

Let us share YOUR love with all the world so green

for we are the happiest pilgrims you will have ever seen.

Torsten Bartsch

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