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For our most recent Women's Retreat, Eighteen women gathered in the Grand Salle last Saturday to share stories about End/Beginnings. We found that some things never fully end; that where there is an end there is often a beginning; that some are planned and some are not; some are joyful; and others are very difficult. The Retreat was very ably led by Debbie Groby, with support from Jeya Wilson and Christine Housel. All contributed by bringing food, helping set up and clear up – and especially by sharing and listening. Some of reflections following the retreat: "Just to say thank you to the organizers, to all the helpers, and to the participants. Another major success. Verses from the prayer o

Wandering Home

The Youth Across Europe Anniversary Event was a success, and our pilgrims have returned from their journey from Canterbury, England to Paris, France and are now safely installed back in their comfortable beds in the Geneva area. Enjoy this wonderful poem by Torsten Bartsch who accompanied the youth on their pilgrimage. Youth Across Europe Pilgrimage Poem Thanks for the Way of Wanders and of pain that we were walking these past days YOU have been with us night and day in o so many ways. We walked through gentle fields and some steep hills The airs and bushes gave us just a gentle touch YOU gave us moments of spiritual chills in fields of beauty and of greenery so lush We walked on grass, on


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